The great eye of the Sahara desert Africa | Mysterious Place on World

You know why this strange structure can be seen from space? Although there seems, has about 50 km in diameter, which also attracts attention for its wonderful concentric rings. ¿Height above sea level? Yes, 400 mt. How this peculiar hole originate? It is rumored that results from the fall of a meteorite.

For millennia, the Eye of the Sahara was hiding in plain sight.

That’s because this huge and mysterious geologic formation is hard to spot from ground level, walking around on Earth.

It turns out we only really discovered this incredible bullseye in the sand when we began sending humans into space.

But even now we’ve found it, scientists don’t fully understand it.

The Eye of the Sahara, which is more formally known as the Richat structure, is located in the western Sahara Desert in Mauritania. On the ground, it’s about 25 miles across.

When the Gemini IV mission, a four-day orbit around Earth, was being prepared in 1965, the astronauts were asked to take photos of Earth’s terrain.

They were particularly asked to look out for “any large circular features which might be the roots of impact structures,” according to the text accompanying a set of photographs published from the mission.

Impact craters are geologically important because they tell us about the history of the Earth. Also, knowing how many times space rocks have crashed into our planet can help scientists make predictions about the future.

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